Don’t Do These 6 Deadly Things During Periods

1. Don’t Pig Out On Salty Snacks

We understand that period cravings know no limits. Even if you’re having the ultimate craving for French fries or a pack of chips, abort mission ladies! Salty food can actually make your period symptoms worse.

2. Don’t Eat Or Drink Dairy

Sometimes, a bowl of mac and cheese is all you want when Aunt Flo visits, but maybe you should put off that craving until she leaves town. Dairy is definitely not your friend when it is flooding down south. Eating or drinking dairy products will make you feel all the more gassy .

3. Don’t Have Unprotected Intercourse

If you’re someone who believes that a good romp in the sheets will help you glide through the leak week, then you should definitely ensure that you use protection. While most men and women think that period intercourse is a messy business, some couples are okay with it. However, care should be taken to use protection because blood is a great carrier for viruses and other bacteria to grow.

4. Don’t Pull An All Nighter

We all love to sleep, don’t we? But, for some odd reason, when the period takes over, your brain just refuses to go on sleep mode. You feel like binge-watching shows all night or just spend the night flirting away with your crush. 

5. Don’t Indulge In Caffeine

There’s nothing like a cup of hot coffee to start your mornings. But, when the red flag of the period is waving at you, you should keep the coffee at an arm’s length from you. Caffeine can heighten the degree of your cramps and can make you feel irritated . So, that latte isn’t such a good idea when Aunt Flo is in town.

6. Don’t Get Yourself Waxed

Waxing in itself is a torturous experience. And if you’ve dared to get yourself waxed when you’ve had the girl flu, then kudos to you. But, you should know that when on your period, the pain receptors are extra sensitive . So, even a tiny little pinch on your arm will make you want to scream out loud. Don’t even bother thinking about bikini wax at this point, it’s a pretty nasty situation.

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