THIS HEALING DRINK IS IDEAL FOR WOMEN: You’ll Lose Weight Quickly and Have A Great Skin and Less Cellulite!

Women know that there are thousands and thousands of products that claim
to help in weight loss, skin tightening and other problems.

There are no magic pills that will help you to lose weight overnight,
no, but there is a natural alternative of toxic products and risky diets
– flax-seed tea.

Flax seeds are rich in minerals, vitamins and fatty sour.

These compounds help improving digestion, appetite control, and can even help reduce blood sugar levels.

The flax seeds is lecithin, which helps cleansing the intestines.
Natural fatty acids in flax-seed helps your body in the fight against
excess weight.

What do you need (ingredients):

1 liter of boiling water
 3 spoons of flax seeds

How to prepare it (preparation):

First boil a liter of water and three spoons of flax-seed pour boiling water.

Prepare the tea in the evening and leave the mixture to stay the night.
It is best to use a thermos, but if you do not, you can use any type of
bowl with a lid. The next morning, strain the mixture. You should get a
thick liquid.
Drinking tea:

It is necessary to consume 150 ml of tea 3-4 times a day, half an hour
before each meal. You will need to prepare tea in the evening, so you
can drink it the next day. Tea should always be freshly prepared.

Drink this tea continuously for 10 days, then take a break of 10 days.
You can repeat the process until you reach your desired results. This
way you regulate your weight effectively. It is important to drink
plenty of water throughout the treatment.

Soon you will notice positive changes in your skin. The skin will become
stronger, more elastic and healthier, and the best thing about it is,
once you lose excess weight skin will not hang, writes organichealth.

People who are suffering from liver problems and kidney stones should not consume tea of flax seed.

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